Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked

Current shipping time is between 24-72 hours. Current inventory and future inventory is allocated on first come first serve basis. Next day available.

The kiosk is touchless and requires no interaction by an operator. It is handsfree for the customer or employee as well. They just need to stand in front of the tablet a few feet away for 2 seconds.

The 986Kiosk is plug and play. There is no software configuration necessary. Once the device is plugged in the system takes approximately 30 seconds to load and ready for its first scan.  

Our Level D thermal sensor is extremely accurate - to approx. ± 0.5 °F.

We recommend the device set up indoors. If it must be outside, please make sure its in a shaded area to avoid false readings.

The screen will display the actual temperature as well as a green for a pass or red if the temperature is above the threshold?

The 986Kiosk comes with a 12-month manufacturer warranty. It covers manufacture defects only.

The current default is set to 99.5 °F (equivalent of 100.4°F taken orally). It can be changed if necessary.

The system can integrate with certain gate entries, turnstiles, electronic lock gates. Please email with any questions.

Click Here for Port Descriptions 

Due to the high demand for the product and urgency to deliver, we are still in development of different software functionality. If you have any requests, we would appreciate any requests that can benefit our clients and the safety of everyone.

QR Code and Questionnaire

When the kiosk says to scan your QR code, you simply display it approximately 6 to 12 inches away from the bar code reader (RED ARROW). The smaller the QR code, the closer you need to get. Do not touch the QR code to the device.

Support and Update Documentation

Please direct inquires to if you have additional questions.

Video Tutorials here 

The Central Managment System ("CMS") is not required for the kiosk to operate. The CMS will allow for email, remote kiosk management and remote monitoring. Download the software and install the SmartPass EXE on a server. The default login is admin and 123456.

CMS Software for PC: Version (Sept 8, 2020)

How to connect the device to CMS and Wifi is below.

Latest Firmware for the device: Version (Sept 8, 2020)

Connecting the Device to the CMS Software 

How to Update Device(s) Firmware 

If you are not able to download the CMS or Firmware due to firewall, please click the below Dropbox link:

Sept 8, 2020 CMS and Firmware Drop Box Link    

Quick Links and Getting Started

Gen Two V3 Manual 

Device Settings from Device or CMS 

Temperature Only, No Network Settings 

Access Control Port Descriptions 

Access Control Demo and Connections 

Desktop Assembly 

Pedestal Assembly 

Time Zone Setting 

Email SMS Notifications 

Change Device Password 

Customize Device Logo 

Change Admin Password in CMS 

Note: In order for the device to communicate with the CMS server you will need to enter the server IP address into the device using a mouse connected to the device.

How to connect the device to the Central Management System ("CMS")

Install the CMS on computer

Find the IP address in the browser bar on the computer with CMS installed.

Enter device settings on the scanner (see below) if you have not already.

Click LAN / Log in

Click Server 

Enter the IP address of the CMS computer - Click Log in.  

If you are not connected, the device will take you to Wi-Fi (or click Settings).  After connected, right-click to go back one screen and click Login.  

How to enter device settings directly from scanner?

All of below is available in the Gen Two V3 Manual as well (Chapter 8)

  • Plug the scanner in a standard wall power outlet.  There are no power buttons (plug and play)
  • Plug a mouse into one of the USB ports coming out of the unit or your mount. (mouse should have a 3rd middle button/scroll)
  • Click the middle button once anywhere in the middle of the screen.  A password box will appear.
  • Enter the default password is 123456 and click OK.  You are now in the device settings.
  • Note: When in settings on the device, a single right-click will take you back one screen.
  • Show screen/middle mouse button/pw box/menu appear