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986 API Connect

986 Labs api connect to other applications
Connect your 986 Kiosk data to virtually any other application with an API.
  • Send immediate scans to time clocks, Google Sheets, accounting software or HRIS. 
  • Activate employee key cards instantly. 
  • Aggregate data instantly from all your remote locations.
  • View data in apps from your mobile, tablet or web. 
  • Connect to Zapier,, Integromat.
  • Create your own dashboards.
Sample projects 
  • Activate swipe cards instantly 
  • Integrate screenings with your management system
  • Send scans to time clocks, visitor applications and access systems. 
  • Custom notifications based location, employee, time, results, kiosk, temperature and more. 
Google Sheets | Slack | Salesforce | Zapier | Integromat | and 1000s more.
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