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myEntryPass - Automated Employee Health Questionnaire - Hipaa Compliant

myEntryPass - Automated Employee Health Questionnaire - Hipaa Compliant

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Automated daily health questionnaire service for your employees.  Let them answer the health screening questions from home instead of answering at work reducing potential risk creating a safer work environment.

1. Automated custom questionnaire link emailed to employees or parents every morning. 

2. Employees will recieve a pass / fail immediately.  If employee fails, they will receive your custom message. If employee passes, they will receive a tamper-proof expiring pass active for that day.

3. Hr/contacts are notified immediately by email or text of any failures.  All responses are stored in a Hipaa compliant database. 

4. Live dashboard showing employee roster with results of questionnaire. 

5. Integrate live 986 kiosk/temperature results in same roster. 

Hipaa compliant storage facility with BAA available. 

$4 per employee per month. Set up fee based on features selected. 

Call or contact for more info.

Free anonymous version available at

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